Crown of the Cerro
(Unishcoto Ruins)

Up the *cerro to Unishcoto-I followed the rocks,

They exchanged from spatial property to shape, but just a respire did I linger

I moved from chromatic to stone, numerous had human shapes, others looked approaching old bones-.

I nigh got nowhere to be found in the thickening light,

Close by me my guide, my wife-a slap-up meal of shards resided on top

And thin coiffure combed the country thereabouts;

A light-colored and chromatic sky, which looked like-

A shaky sea was overhead-

And then, then

There was the circlet of the hummock ahead-


#1521 *Cerro=hill


"Readers & Poets"

The lyricist seeks oral communication once he should be desire matter, much attentive next to choiceness of the verse, grammatical construction or stanza than sponge down mixture of the sentence, and the beauty that should be in the clauses. We requirement to weigh the thing and the deserving of the subject (in the verse form) more, and mayhap produce improved judgments as readers and poets-lest we go stern to the innocent Stone Age.


The Demon in Poetry

The poet, he oftentimes lives in a life-force that is tarnished from his past, he looks too prolonged backwards, once he should be sounding forward. He may have ripe passion, exaggerated feelings, sentiment, but that cannot actuation him out of his unwholesome dreams, or the nonsense some cognizance duty-bound to scribble. He needs to superior the treasures of the past, to delight in the instant (if one and only he could).

Most poets stay alive at the sway of frenzy, they go the demon in the free verse because it makes it more key. If he takes him out, he may have to get rid of evil, and postulate with natural life as it is.

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