John Keats' song La Belle Dame Sans Merci (French: "the handsome female in need pity") is a verse on a fairy's devising admiration to and as promptly jilting a earthborn soul.

A knight-at-arms is unsettled neighbour a icy river by a incline all waxen and tired. Being asked why he is out in the utilitarian season once even the squirrels and geese have retired, he replies that a woman with long-dated coat and mad eyes, resplendent and tripping as a supernatural being whom he had met in a meadow, rapt him beside her be keen on. He clothed her beside a floral chaplet, bracelets and a girdle. He set her on his musical time equid and all along they unbroken superficial into all other's face as she sang a antic fairy nursery rhyme. She served him faery stores and professed actual respect for him in her unexplained expressions. As they reached her faerie grove, she wept and sighed, and he kissed some her opinion and as well duplicated the kisses as nevertheless in evidence of his esteem. She afterwards lulled him to snooze near a spiritual being hymn. He presently dreamt that he was on a hillside beside dream-figures of princes, knights and warriors all as light-colored as death. Their mouth were wizen as if starved, and agape shout out their limiting that he has been ensnared by the fake worship of the sensible woman without commiseration. The pageantry was horrifying, and once he awoke he recovered himself peregrine unsocial and desolate by the frore slope.

The literary work has a age air. It is typewritten in the song figure with a persistent stress and a charming felicitousness of saying. Recent effort commentators have suggested that the knight in fact destroyed the Belle Dame, and is human being rightly corrected - this is based on matter hints similar "she wept, and sigh'd engorged sore". Ultimately, the conclusion comes feathers to whether Keats wrote the literary work as a pure story, or as a story with a moral: fixed his new work, this may be more an evocation of idea than an scholar bash at moralising.

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