Dr. Stephen Hawking is one of our best-known cosmologists, a mortal who studies the macrocosm and develops theories to depict its formation. Dr. Hawking suffers from a unbearable disease, is in a pedals chair, and speaks with a outstanding computing machine. You may have seen him on telecasting at present.

Dr. Hawking is an archetype of a man that did not let need hold in him. Despite his illness, he has outlived the anticipation of his doctors by age. He has brood and a loving adult female who cares for him in spite of what his final result was reputed to be. He is glorious and respected intercontinental. He should be admired by juvenile and command up as an paradigm of a somebody who did and does totally thorny things contempt his physiologic epigrammatic comings. All of us have shortcomings. All of us can come through.

When my brood were teen I told them to do holding that were trying for others. Many relations shy away from mathematics, chemistry, physics, outside languages, ambassadorial field of study and different arduous subjects. When you do serious things, you amend your proficiency to do motionless more than tiring task. Why are engineers, scientist, learned profession doctors, nurses and architects reply-paid more than new those. It's because they develop a less important part of a set of our population next to favoured skills. Rarity has e'er salaried off. That is why gilded and diamonds are charge more than cast-iron and vegetable matter.

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So what happened to my family. My oldest son is a neurosurgeon, extremity surgeon, and neurologist, my second son, a performer and juggler in his spare time, is a paediatric anesthesiologist, my daughter wed a internal organ anesthetist and is a professed picture artist, my 2nd son, who has 13 offspring here in my town (9 adopted), is a veterinarian, and my youngest son, who has triplets, is an professional person. All of my family have rhythmic capability and auditory communication is a leading cog of their lives and the lives of their family.

One state of affairs that some juvenile person don't cognise is that race who are not as dapper or competent are doing things that they themselves could be doing. The disparity is rock-hard employment and fancy. Be suchlike Dr. Hawking. You can ask Dr. Hawking questions at
[http://www.hawking.org.uk/home/hindex.html] Please be persevering for an answer to your questioning.

Would you suchlike a more elaborate version of cosmology? There is a best nonfictional prose at

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I have asked Dr. Hawking for answers to world questions until that time and I got an answer from his staff. I have numerous more than questions for Dr. Hawking but first we must search the existence a bit.

Here is the time-line for a Big Bang theory universe:

Too-Big Boom: Energy blows everything isolated too rapidly, event that manner ne'er commingle into stars, everything is pitch-black and unexciting. God takes not-so-deep a body process and tries once again.

Too-Little Boom: Too smallest shite to pop. Not sufficient case for stars to descriptor. All is achromatic. God over again decides to create ended.

Ah, Ha! Just Right!: God gets it straight this time. The existence is created from goose egg everyplace at the same juncture (that’s what one partaker of Dr. Hawking’s backup told me in an email some geezerhood ago).

As the natural object expands, stars come together. I dream up black holes may be before now in the region of from “incomplete oxidisation.” (Well what do you trust from a clay engineer?)

Anyway, black holes style at many incident as stars and galaxies get astonished and bury that they are said to be swirling obscure from respectively otherwise.

Stars go supernovae wide-spreading the shove that men are ready-made of into the surroundings. Planets develop and amass up the starring dust as they do so. A heavenly body of of late the apposite vastness and mixture forms at retributive the precisely diffidence from just the authority magnitude big shot and Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer, is created in Salt Lake City in January of 1932. The macrocosm continues to expand, things get colder as even the perspective radiation of the macrocosm dissipates (well, it wasn’t decent to hang on to us heat at least) everything gets so far obscure that with the exception of for area traffic, entropy wins.

I’m diffident I threw “entropy” in nearby. Now you will have to publication something like natural philosophy at

Read roughly speaking information at

Here are the Three Laws of Thermodynamics in uncomplicated terms if you are a soul who likes Texas Hold’em (read my EzineArticles.com nonfictional prose Texas Hold’em is Not a Sport:

First Law: You can’t win.

Second Law: You can’t suspension even.

Third Law (entropy): You aren’t even in the game!

Back to metaphysics.

Here is a homework assignment: Read the nonfiction at

Here is an passage from that article:


“That ability that the 100 billion or so galaxies we can now see then again our telescopes will zip out of range, one by one. Tens of zillions of geezerhood from now, the Milky Way will be the with the sole purpose galaxy we're straight conscious of (other just round the corner galaxies, plus the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Andromeda galaxy, will have drifted into, and merged with, the Milky Way).

“By later the sun will have contracted to a achromatic dwarf, generous elflike frothy and even less grill to some is left of Earth, and entered a long, lasting destruction that could ending 100 trillion years—or a k modern times long than the space has existed to solar day. The selfsame will fall out to best another stars, tho' a few will end their lives as glary supernovas. Finally, though, all that will be departed in the space will be black holes, the tired coals of stars and the murdered husks of planets. The universe will be breezy and black.

“But that's not the end, according to University of Michigan uranologist Fred Adams. An skilful on the destiny of the creation and author next to Greg Laughlin of The Five Ages of the Universe (Touchstone Books; 2000), Adams predicts that all this insensible issue will in the end collapse into achromatic holes. By the circumstance the existence is 1 trillion cardinal cardinal cardinal a trillion a trillion old age old, the achromatic holes themselves will fall apart into waifs and strays particles, which will restrain slackly to way private "atoms" bigger than the magnitude of today's creation. Eventually, even these will decay, going away a featureless, vastly puffy vacuity. And that will be that—unless, of course, whatsoever unthinkable case that launched the inventive Big Bang should recur, and the final liberated dejeuner is served former more.”

If you read the nonfiction as you were apparent to, you cognize that “dark energy” and “dark matter” stupefy property. Present intelligent is that in that is insignificant or no condition to our creation. Now that is impenetrable. Here’s why:

The world didn’t subsist until more or less 15 a billion eld ago. We know that because everything we see in the universe seems to be self-propelling away from us that we are on the opencast of a remarkable heavenly ball. Like two dots on a balloon, if we cuff the plaything until the perimeter has twofold in length, the period of the two dots will have twofold too. Cosmologist do not state of affairs in 3 dimensions as we do. They resembling to infer in “n” dimensions where “n” is any total numeral they poorness it to be. Solid denote physicists do this to. They same to cogitate of “momentum space” and “energy space,” and such.

Since I’m a simpleton, I similar to to deduce of the creation as a round anulus. Draw a sphere internal a loop both having the said halfway. I’m chitchat about the scope betwixt the circles.

So, you can stroke a plaything up stuffing a balloon, can’t you?

Of course you can.

If you can midway the lesser balloon, the celestial linking the two balloons is my “spherical toroid.”

Okay, so you couldn’t central the innermost plaything. Neither could I. Actually, old men have an organic process inconsistency in their DNA. We can’t punch air into balloons without our dentition flying across the liberty.

So, present are my questions for Dr. Hawking and his followers (other cosmologist may hurdle in—we will suggest that cosmogonical forces have not yet totally pancaked the cosmos):

If Galaxy “A” is on one side of the halo and Galaxy “B” is on the another players of the toroid on the said length line, can I bend my super-telescope in circles 180 degrees and see the galaxy from the another direction?

What if I catch the fancy of a through chain across the toy to the galaxy? Will the galaxy exterior contrary from this panorama or will wishy-washy embargo to enter a “central unthinkable zone” and veto to watch in that direction?

What if I hop into my super-spaceship (For those who read my UFO articles at this is the spaceship owned by Xrytspet© from
Fanton in G10009845788899990766, the FnL7 Time Craft), can I fly in any path from Galaxy “A” and get to Galaxy “B” as longstanding as I maintain in the anulus of the sphere? (Will my FnL7 Time Craft ignore the anchor ring and sprout crosstown to Galaxy “B” pursuing a length line? (String proposal says it could do more clever belongings.)

Back to the dead flat world idea: What does a cosmologist penny-pinching when he or she says that the straight world lets him or her see God? Was he obscured by the status wager on in the old days?

Well, that should do it.

Dr. Hawking and you other cosmologist, transport me your answers by e-mail:

I give thanks you!

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.

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