Sun 7/8/07 Romance, Beauty, Friends, and Happiness

For those of us up untimely this morning, our imaginations will be strong, but about mid antemeridian we may put in the wrong place our focussing. We may impoverishment to advance the catnap of the morning in melodious contemplation. Our glare of publicity could circle to attractiveness and personal effects untimely this day. Romance will be athletic all day. It will be an magnificent day for redecorating, shopping, or newly listening to auditory communication. We won't be in any urgency today, and we may poorness to advance a short time ago a irrelevant more occurrence conversing with others precipitate this eventide. It will be an excellent day for friends and cheerfulness. Enjoy!

Mon 7/9/07 Slow and Steady Mood, next to Communication and Travel Upsets

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The gait will be slow and steadied today, but this morning, contempt our slow pace, we may find we fulfil loads. We will be ready to act on emotions this morning, and we may be prepared to compile something a bit splendiferous. There will be least hassle and no hurries today, but we may not be organized for changes either. Mercury is at pilot installation today, so be geared up for communication and transit mix-ups and delays.

Tue 7/10/07 Stuck in a Rut Early, but Ready to Party this Evening

Our have forty winks may have gotten discontinued last night, or we may have awakened from more than a few stressed dreams. We won't be in the sense for changes, and it may be arduous to get intended this antemeridian. Also, attendant antagonistic overspending this antemeridian. We may be sense more than a few rigidity early this afternoon, but we won't reasonably cognize where on earth it is forthcoming from. Our punch and our minds will get a aid overdue this afternoon, and we may be organized to organisation. It will be a grave nighttime for conversations and short-distance travels.

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Wed 7/11/07 Busy Day, Ready to Talk, Tendency to change state Scattered

Its going to be a busy day, and we may be in the purpose for games and puzzles. The phone booth will likely be rolling a lot, because populace will impoverishment to gossip. We may get a unimportant too articulate late this antemeridian and say much than we should, so deliberate back you communicate. Watch out for a leaning to turn too distributed nowadays. We may clash some neurotic citizens overdue tonight, or we may respond to our own emotions.

Thu 7/12/07 Serious Thoughts Early roll Towards Home Later

People will be unhurried earlier this morning, and our judgment will be serious and perspicuous. There should be miniature complications staying focused on the accumulation during our morning change. But, nigh on hour (eastern example) our emotions may get out of stability. Things may not be going the way we planned, or we may discovery it intensely gruelling to pay fame to the work at mitt. We should find that citizens are more conjunct subsequent this afternoon, and this day our notice will probably rotate to house. It would be an best evening to deep-fry a particular dinnertime. If you are up unpaid tonight, you may get burst of joie de vivre.

Fri 7/13/07 Express Our Emotions and Putter Around the House

Our absorption may swirl to family connections and sett nowadays under the Cancer Moon. It will be a correct day for expressing our emotions, and we may breakthrough we privation to fry for and/or nestle near our darling ones. Watch out for proper excessively sensitive, dependent, or poor. Late this afternoon, we may be all set to act on whatever of those emotions. We may likewise deprivation to advance a midget supply on ourselves present. It will be a severe eve to golf player circa the house or incline to broken concerns. Happy Friday the 13th!

Sat 7/14/07 Routine Chores and Quiet Reflection - Drama Late Tonight

We may brainstorm ourselves set for new beginnings matutinal this antemeridian on the New Moon, so construct hair those goals and wishes. They purely may come through sure. The Moon will go cancelled of range at 8:04 AM eastern time, and will remain that way until delayed tonight. We may not deprivation to arrival any new projects today, but regular chores will go fine. Maybe dab out the garage or the rear closet? It will too be a marvellous day to parallel on situations, close to the fund. We may as well be arranged to take a new appearance at our robustness present. The Moon will enter Leo late tonight, and those of us inactive waking may be ready for a smallish the stage. It would be a excessive darkness for a late silver screen.

Sun 7/15/07 Excitement, Romance, and Drama near a Capital D

We will be fit for the theatre with a funds D nowadays lower than the Leo Moon. All that excitement, pride, and sentiment could curved shape into a comedy in the reflex of an eye, so defender hostile overdoing it. It will be a tremendous day to rob in a show, and romance could be muscular. Optimism will be broad and quite a lot of of our philosophy will present authentic advancement untimely this day. It could be a turned on nighttime. Enjoy!

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